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We believe that sending documents and parcels should be as easy as making few taps on your mobile in this day and age. Whether your need to send a courier just across the town or need to send consignments to international destinations, CorierBoy has you covered.

We’ve re-imagined and rebuilt the entire system with simplified and more efficient processes – from pick-ups to deliveries and everything in between! So whether your requirements are personal or for business, we have just the right combination of solutions that is sure to make your courier services experience faster, smoother and cost effective.

We Deliver Success –
Fast, Smooth, and Cost Efficient.

Payment On Delivery

While e-Commerce is booming, businesses large and small are struggling to offer the right solutions to their customers. This is more so true for startups and small businesses who have a hard time getting payments prior to delivery due to initial trust issues that customers have.

We understand the challenges and how payment or cash on delivery solutions could bring in a flood of new sales opportunities for businesses of all kinds. Talk to one of our sales managers today to know more on how we can implement Cash on Delivery (COD) and Payment on Delivery (POD) solutions for you.

Professionally Handled

Our well trained staff handles does all deliveries and collections with complete accountability.

Minimal Paperwork

Get started with our solutions without complicated agreements and piles of paperwork.

Door to Door Service

Receive collected payments in your account at the earliest and without any unnecessary delays.

Packing Solutions

We understand your pain of having to go to different providers to get your courier ready to be send. The risk and cost of extra transportation as well as having to deal with handling the products at different places all adds to the trouble. So we’ve equipped our service points to be able to provide you with proper packing solutions.

Whether you’ve got documents to send or fragile gifts, personal or for business, one-time or recurring, what ever your requirement we have the right packing solution for you. And that too at affordable rates. 

Whatever the Size

Our experience team will guide you with your packing requirements – however big or small that is.

Special Rates

If you have got frequent or bulk courier requirements – our sales team will get you discounted rates.

Only the Best

We use only best in class and trusted materials, so you can rest assured that your consignments are safe.

Specified Delivery Options

At CorierBoy, our services go beyond just dropping off the parcel at the doorsteps. We understand that deliveries need to be done different for different people. We offer our customers the option to customize the way they wish to get the delivery done.

Choose to deliver it only to the addressee or allow someone else at the address receive it for the receiver. Choose a specific day or time? Need to confirm with an ID proof? We got you covered! Get in Touch with one of our sales managers today to know more.

Specific Date & Time

Choose a delayed date and time like birthdays, anniversaries etc, for your parcel or gift to be delivered.

Specific People

Choose to deliver only to the addressee or allow others at the address location to collect on their behalf.

Verified Delivery

We can ensure safe and secure collection of items by verifying the ID of the person receiving them.

Tailored Business Solutions

If you’re running a business – whether it’s freelancing, start-up, small, medium or large company – we provide tailored business solutions for you. Our sales managers can provide you with all the guidance and help you avail the right services from us at special rates.

We also work with third parties on your behalf to ensure end-to-end logistics and delivery operations work successfully for you. We are flexible as much as we professional in our solutions and services. Let’s partner for success — get in touch with us today for a free consultation.

Bespoke Solutions

We understand that each business is different and we provide solutions that are as unique as they are.

Dedicated Team

A highly experienced team of operations staff lead by a dedicated key accounts manager to help you.

Scale and Grow

We back you with all the data, reports and analytics that you need to scale and grow you business.

Everything’s At Your Fingertips

Technology helps us to deliver faster, more accurately and promptly. We have invested extensively in simplifying the whole experience for everyone involved including our customers, partners and internal staff. Everything is accessible in a few taps on your smart device.

✓ Request courier pick-ups from your location
✓ Quickly calculate applicable courier charges
✓ Easily track status of couriers you sent or are awaiting
✓ Save and share multiple addresses you may have
✓ Faster verification process though unique in-app codes

Go Mobile

Our mobile app for iOS and Android devices allow you to book, verify, track and do so much more.

Just a Few Taps

In just a few taps our app allows you to make pickup requests and even calculate the applicable charges.

Address Codes

The CBAC feature allows you to quickly fill in address locations when booking or requesting a pick-up.

Truly Door to Door

Tired of carrying your consignments to nearest courier service outlets? Getting calls from service providers with excuses and asking you to collect your parcels from their local office? Wish you knew the rates in advance without having to call the their customer services half a dozen times?

We feel you. And those are some of the issues that CorierBoy takes care of for you. Download our app for a modern and simplified experience in handling couriers.

CorierBoy Mobile App

Our Services

Be it personal requirements like sending a document across or B2B solutions for your company, CorierBoy has got you covered. For Start-ups and E-com companies to large corporations across various verticals – CorierBoy Delivers it Right!

More About Us

More About Us

CorierBoy works to simplify the customer experiences in the courier industry. We understand the pain people go through just to send or receive a document. We fix all of these for you through our well-trained staff, better processes and technology!

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